Palestinian students supporting the  militant group Hamas, an organization that's ideologically linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, hold a poster depicting Hassan Al-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood founder, during an election campaign for students' council at

Should the Muslim Brotherhood be designated a terrorist group?


It’s the ideological forefather of many radical Islamist groups. But past US administrations have refrained from putting the Muslim Brotherhood on its list of foreign terrorist organizations. Now, the Trump White House is considering doing just that.

Rana Abdelhamid (C) demonstrates a move to a student during a self-defense workshop designed for Muslim women in Washington, DC, in March.

How to deflect a ‘hijab grab’ and other lessons from a Muslim black belt

Election 2016
In the days after the Paris attacks, classes at the Great Mosque in Paris were canceled, though the mosque remained open.

At the Paris Great Mosque there’s tranquility inside and heavily armed guards outside

The front page of satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo, entitled "C'est Reparti" ("Here we go again") is displayed at a kiosk in Nice on February 25, 2015.

‘Charlie Hebdo has always been an anti-racist magazine,’ its editor says

Participants take part in a demonstration called by anti-immigration group PEGIDA, a German abbreviation for "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West", in Dresden January 5, 2015.

Never mind the cross, Germany’s ‘anti-Islamization’ movement isn’t really Christian

Charlie Hebdo cover

Charlie Hebdo is an equal opportunity offender — endearing it to all and none


The attack on Charlie Hebdo shined a light on a decades-old satirical magazine that really seems like a throwback to another era. Charlie Hebdo has almost no analog, but it has an important spot in the hearts of many.

Yangon Muslims watch nervously as violence spreads in Myanmar

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Myanmar is lurching through its transition from military dictatorship to almost-democracy. As it does, tensions between religious groups are increasing. After two Muslim boys died in a fire at their school, the country is on edge.

Anders Breivik influenced by anti-Muslim bloggers

The man charged with carrying out the mass killing in Norway was heavily influenced by American bloggers who share his extreme, anti-Muslim views.

Salamworld, the Facebook for Muslims?

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A group of investors has brought together Muslims from around the world to create a new, “halal” website. It aims to be the “Muslim Facebook”.

Protests in Afghanistan After Reports of Koran Burning

In Afghanistan this morning more than 1,000 protesters are gathering to protest the burning of Korans and Islamic holy books at the Bagram military base. This has triggered a second day of anti-American demonstrations. Crowds clashed with security forces furious about the way Islamic holy books at the base were destroyed. Ambassador Peter Galbraith is […]