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A group of people is seen on a mobile staircase at an airport.

Metro banned ads for this art exhibition on the immigration crisis, then changed its mind

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The Phillips Collection’s new exhibition, “The Warmth of Other Suns: Stories of Global Displacement,” takes a look at immigration and the struggles of those who have been displaced.


American Icons: Nighthawks

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Artist Susan Crile stands with a study for a painting of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

A court rules that being an artist really is a business — maybe

Thelma Golden, art curator and director of the Studio Museum in Harlem.

Thelma Golden pushes the museum world on behalf of African-American art


James Turrell: Painting with Light

Mapping Our Digital DNA

We live in a time that is all about being tuned in and logged on. Our friends are online, our interactions are online, and our personal information, opinions and history are online. While we’ve learned in recent weeks that much more of our data is available to the government than we once realized, the millions […]

Detroit’s Mobile Homestead welcoming above ground, ominous below

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One of Mike Kelley’s final works before he took his own life was a recreation of his childhood home for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. But while the upper level is welcome and inviting, the lower level is ominous, foreboding and not like his childhood home at all.

Sarah Sze set to represent U.S. at art’s Venice Biennale

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Sarah Sze makes ambitious sculptures, but practically always out of run-of-the-mill objects. Her sculpting will be on full display this year when she represents the United States at the art world’s Venice Biennale.

New York’s Museum of Modern Art reconsiders decision to raze neighbor

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New York City’s Museum of Modern Art is a popular stop for locals and visitors. The nearby Museum of American Folk Art isn’t as well-known, but it’s design is celebrated. That’s why so many people were surprised when MoMA indicated it was going to tear the building down.

Lawsuit seeks to place limits on fair use appropriation of others’ work in art

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A controversial lawsuit being waged right now would change the way transformative artists work. A photographer, Patrick Cariou, sued artist Richard Prince, saying that Prince’s art is a ripoff of Cariou’s photos. The decision in this lawsuit could have far-reaching implications.