a man looks at an algorithm on a computer screen

Can an algorithm keep kids safe?


There are four million referrals to child welfare services in America every year. How should cities and states decide which ones to respond to?

Activity using Strava's tracking technologies such as the one above has helped the company produce a heat map of the world using one billion total activities.

Recent discovery on Strava heat map points out the ease of leaking data through social media platforms

Since the inception of predictive algorithm software in U.S courtrooms, more than a million Americans have been analyzed using the technology.

Growing trend of using predictive algorithms in courtrooms and human services offices raises concerns over their current lack of transparency

UNC professor Zeynep Tufekci says Facebook is offering the news equivalent of Halloween candy.

How to stop Facebook when its newsfeed ‘serves Halloween candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner’

All public school students in England will now learn programming from the ages of five to 16.

Reading, math and … Javascript? Coding is now mandatory in English schools

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The Computer as Artist

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Computers have taken over an astonishing array of tasks humans used to do. They fly our planes, give us directions, recommend books, set us up on dates. But can they tell us a good story?