Linguist Thomas Wier and Udi activist Alexander Kavtaradze at a memorial to Zinobi Silikashvili, the founder of the village of Zinobiani, Georgia. The inscription includes both Caucasian Albanian (Udi) and Georgian script.

Udi, a dying language with its own alphabet, sees a revival in this small Georgian town


Udi is a language with its own ancient alphabet and an unlikely grammatical feature that some linguists believe is unique. Now, researchers in Georgia are trying to preserve the language from possible extinction.


Albania’s golden eagle, a national symbol, is on the road to extinction

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Fans and players of Serbia and Albania clash during their Euro 2016 Group I qualifying soccer match at the FK Partizan stadium in Belgrade on October 14, 2014.

Soccer goes to war during a match between Serbia and Albania


Albania’s Bunker Mentality

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Former Guantanamo detainee now making pizza in Albania


Slideshow: Hoxha’s Pyramid

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The Geo Quiz is searching for a pyramid this time. It’s not in Egypt but in Eastern Europe.

Preserving an Ancient Treasure

Producer David Chanatry takes us to Butrint in Albania. This ancient city was declared a World Heritage Site because it represents thousands of years of the history of the country. Lack of money and infrastructure are the challenges that preservationists and tourism officials face as they try to develop the area for tourism and preserve […]

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Permaculture in Macedonia

Cindy Shiner reports on the Rudina Rehabilitation and Permaculture Project in Macedonia. The demonstration site is the first of its kind in Eastern Europe, and currently, the largest in the world. The project aims to rehabilitate a tract of land, recently used to house more than 45,000 Albanian refugees, using the principles of permaculture.

Terrorism Link in Killing of 2 US Troops at German Airport

Two United States airmen were shot and killed when a gunman opened fire on an American military bus at the Frankfurt, Germany airport, Wednesday. Two others were wounded. German prosecutors say the attack appears to motivated by Islamic extremism. The shooter has been identified as a 21-year-old ethnic Albanian Muslim from Kosovo who was raised […]

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Norman Wisdom big in Albania

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British comic actor Norman Wisdom has died. His portrayal of bumbling characters won fans not only in Britain but in the unlikeliest of places. Bill Hamilton was the first BBC correspondent to get into Albania during the Communist regime.