How AI is helping to recreate childhood memories

What do you do with a cherished memory that has no record — not even a photo or a video?  This Spanish company, Domestic Data Streamers, might help. They’ve harnessed artificial intelligence to turn fading recollections into visual or “synthetic” memories. The end product isn’t quite a photo — or art. But it’s helping people reconnect with their pasts.

Illustration by Megan J. Goff.

Tracking atrocities in Sudan: ‘The world has become significantly less anonymous for war criminals’

Conflict & Justice
Activity using Strava's tracking technologies such as the one above has helped the company produce a heat map of the world using one billion total activities.

Recent discovery on Strava heat map points out the ease of leaking data through social media platforms


Ai Weiwei out of prison, stuck in Beijing

Chinese Authorities Ban Ai Weiwei’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Video

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Ai Weiwei’s ‘WeiweiCam’ Goes Dark

Conflict & Justice

Two days ago, outspoken Chinese artist Ai Weiwei launched, a website where you could watch a live stream of the artist going about his daily activities at home. The authorities objected however, and the Weiwei cams are now off.

China Artist Ai Weiwei Served With $2 Million Tax Demand

Conflict & Justice

Chinese authorities have served Ai Weiwei with an official demand telling him to pay 15m yuan ($2.3m) within 15 days, the artist has said.

Stranded on Air India 131 for Nine Hours

Along with over 100 other passengers, I was stranded on AI 131 – the Air India flight from Mumbai to London yesterday for nine hours […]

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Named Most Powerful in the World

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“Art Review” journal has named Chinese artist Ai Weiwei the most powerful person in the art world. Ai’s detainment by Chinese officials this past spring brought an international outcry for his release.

Famed Chinese Artist and Dissident, Ai Weiwei, Released from Prison

Almost three months after his arrest in April, world-renowned artist and social activist Ai Weiwei was released Wednesday on bail from prison in China. Ai was arrested on charges of tax evasion during a crackdown on human rights activists, and has not commented on the government or his arrest since yesterday. He is perhaps best […]