At the La Perseverancia market in Bogotá, Colombia customers have noticed that prices for many foods are increasing. With the war in Ukraine, inflation could get worse.

For developing countries, the war in Ukraine means even higher food prices


African and Latin American countries have been struggling to control inflation rates during the pandemic. The war in Ukraine threatens to increase food prices even more and make hunger in some countries worse. 

Maize weevil

Study: Climate change will bring more pests, crop losses

Climate Change
In the desert community of Bnei Netzarim near the Egyptian border, organic farmer Gilad Fine shows off his greenhouse featuring lettuce grown hydroponically on raised platforms.

How to keep farming when God says to stop

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Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes

US-Mexico Trade Concerns Over Tomato Imports

Conflict & Justice

E. Coli Outbreak: Source Still A Mystery

Global Politics

With customers scared of E. coli, vegetable vendors in Germany are having trouble selling their produce.

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Seed Saver

The U.S. government maintains a large stockpile of seeds, to be used if disease threatens the nation’s food supply. But informal networks of farmers are also saving seeds to preserve exotic crop varieties that the government does not. NPR’s Andrea DeLeon (day-lee-OWN) visits one of the country’s biggest seed savers, in central Maine.

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Hemp to Replace Tobacco Crop?

Hemp, once a mainstay in Kentucky’s economy, is now outlawed. But now hemp is getting a second look from farmers in Kentucky, who are seeking some alternatives to growing tobacco. John Gregory has our report.

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Keeping Soil in Its Place

Jane Fritz reports from southern Idaho on the results from use of a polymer commonly called PAM which appears to keep soil from eroding with no known adverse side effects.

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Pesticides Self-Defeating

Commentator Ruth Page says that, by speeding up evolution among pests which develop genes resistant to the poison, users of pesticides are headed for certain frustration. She recommends the organic alternative: integrated pest management.