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Actress Catherine Deneuve poses at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

Deneuve sends a dated message of empowerment


The legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve is denouncing the #MeToo movement and defending sexual freedom. The World’s Sarah Birnbaum says she’s stuck in a feminism of the 1960s.

Actor Kevin Spacey at the premiere of Netflix's television series "House of Cards" at Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Center

Netflix dumps Kevin Spacey, police home in on Harvey Weinstein

Protesters stand outside of the courthouse before an Ontario judge found former Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi not guilty on four sexual assault charges and one count of choking.

What’s behind the ‘not guilty’ verdict in the Jian Ghomeshi sex assault trial?

peyton manning

Callie Crossley: The NFL has an ‘UnSuper’ record on sexual assault

Asha Devi and her husband Badrinath Singh in their apartment in New Delhi. Three years after her daughter's gang rape and murder, Asha says attitudes about rape victims are starting to change in India. “Earlier, families who experienced this would hide it

The pain of their daughter’s gang rape and murder turned them into activists

Graph of violence against women

New Zealand has a dark secret, female politicians say


Opposition members of parliament in New Zealand say rates of sexual assault and violence in the island nation are shockingly high, and they’ve staged walk-outs to draw attention to the issue.

Ankur Vikal (L) and Priyankka Bose in "Nirbhaya."

This actor plays not one rapist but many — to help end gender violence


When a New Delhi woman was gang-raped and later died from her injuries in 2012, the Indian media called her Nirbhaya, or “fearless one,” both because they couldn’t name her legally, and because of the brutality that she went through. Thousands took to the streets: not just women, but men as well. Actor Ankur Vikal has gone even further. He relives the gang-rape story on stage.

ISIS protesters

ISIS uses rape and sexual violence against women to consolidate its power


The tactics of ISIS are horrible. They involve murder, mutilation and torture. Now we’re learning that they also use systematic rape as a way to hold power and even fund its operations.


The promise of justice is receding, Nicaraguan women say


Nicaraguan lawmakers passed Law 779 three years ago to protect victims of domestic violence — to international praise. But women say the law since has been watered down, and special courts don’t have the resources to investigate complaints. Advocates fear women who seek justice could end up worse off, but they vow to fight for the law’s original intent.

Angeline Jackson is an advocate for LGBT rights in Jamaica.

It took Obama for her triumph to be commemorated in Jamaica


Angeline Jackson was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in 2009, and says she received little sympathy from the police because she’s a lesbian. But now Jackson is an activist who’s trying to help other lesbian and bisexual Jamaicans find safety and support.