sea level rise

Burial grounds in Majuro.

Rising seas are washing away graves in the Marshall Islands


The Marshall Islands, where American scientists tested dozens of nuclear weapons, now face the challenge of rising seas.

Girl walking through flooded street

How one Virginia city is re-framing sea-level rise as an opportunity

Aerial photo of Naval Station Norfolk

What it might take to protect the world’s biggest naval base from rising seas

Dikes once protected this broad area near the Dutch city of Nijmegen from flooding. But under a new policy for managing rising water levels due to climate change, the dikes have been moved back to allow a branch of the Rhine River to broaden out into its

Holland is relocating homes to make more room for high water

The biggest mobile barrier in the world, the Maeslant storm surge barrier was built to protect the Dutch city of Rotterdam from a one-in-10,000-year storm. It's part of the massive investment the Dutch are making to protect themselves in a new era of risi

As sea levels rise, Rotterdam floats to the top as an example of how to live with water

Isle de Jean Charles, along the Louisiana’s coast, toward the bottom of Terrebonne Parish.

Rising sea levels are forcing an indigenous tribe from home and could be an example of the future


Fast-rising sea levels at Louisiana’s Isle de Jean Charles is forcing the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians from their home. But their planned departure could provide a roadmap for moving low-lying communities around the world.

New report blames most rising seas on humans — but this scientist remains hopeful


Independent research organization Climate Central has released a map comparing the amount of coastal flooding caused by humans versus natural causes — following a study saying we are living with the fastest sea-level rise in 28 centuries.