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Hundreds of people are gathered in a room. Some are seated at tables and have water bottles, some pillow or blankets with them. A large screen is set up to broadcast news about Tropical Storm Harvey.

A looming immigration law is hurting Houston’s ability to help undocumented residents in wake of Harvey


What’s happening in Texas is part of a larger national debate about how local and state law enforcement policies can affect public safety.

Two men in suits at front of room holding microphones

As California considers a ‘sanctuary state’ bill, this sheriff isn’t ready to give up his relationship with immigration agents


How can ‘sanctuary cities’ resist Trump? This lawsuit could provide a blueprint.

Man in front of filing cabinet in crowded office

Here’s how one New Yorker is helping immigrants — himself included — with government check-ins

Donald Trump

After Trump’s victory, a city debates offering ‘sanctuary’ to undocumented immigrants

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Police in front of crowd

In sanctuary cities, immigrants find themselves with few real protections from federal officials


For immigrants with a criminal record, sanctuary cities don’t provide protection from deportation. They can, though, delay the process.