Arabian peninsula

Build it, and they will come: The dream of King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia. Join the journey at

Out of Eden Walk: Paul Salopek traverses the Arabian Peninsula via Saudi Arabia

Out of Eden Walk

The World’s host Carolyn Beeler talked with National Geographic Explorer Paul Salopek about his experiences walking through different parts of Saudi Arabia as a part of his “Out of Eden Walk” project.

A child with cholera lays silently on a hospital gurney in Sanaa, Yemen in October 2016, The May 2017 outbreak is more widespread.

Thousands in Yemen get sick in an entirely preventable cholera outbreak

A guard ushers away photographers as President Barack Obama meets with Saudi King Salman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia April 20, 2016

When the White House said ‘No’ to the Saudis

Yemen's capital Sanaa September 12, 2015

‘I wake up by the sound of the explosions’

A Houthi fighter holds a rifle with a sticker portraying Ahmed Ali Abdulah Saleh, the eldest son of Yemen's former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, as he rides a truck near the presidential palace in Sanaa.  On Thursday, Houthi rebels welcomed proposed conce

3 ways to sound smart about Yemen

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