refugees in the US

Twelve-year-old Eman Ali of Yemen was reunited with her sister Salma, right, at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, California, on Feb. 5.

Trump’s revised immigration order just hit its first legal setback


A Wisconsin judge put a preliminary restraining order on Donald Trump’s new migration directive, but it applies only to one Syrian family.

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Here’s what refugees do while they’re waiting to get into the US

Over a million Syrians have fled their country and set up refugee camps in neighboring Lebanon.

After Trump’s ban, Lebanon renews calls to send back Syrian refugees

Protesters gather outside Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy airport in opposition to President Donald Trump's proposed ban on immigration in Queens, New York City, on Jan. 28.

These are the new instructions the State Department rushed to embassies worldwide

Sita Adhikari

As Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal wind down, resettlement program is considered a success

Najibullah Zahedi (left) is a refugee from Afghanistan who resettled in Georgia with his family. He's a student at the Lantern Project, run by Luke Keller, where he carved the US Congress seal.

Ban Muslims? These Christians in Georgia say that would be a big mistake.


Many Americans are nervous about the incoming Trump administration banning Muslims from entering the US. That includes some Christians in the state of Georgia who’ve been helping Muslim refugees resettle in the US.

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Why some immigrants and refugees in Louisiana are having trouble getting married


A new law in Louisiana that adds new requirements to process marriage licenses is being challenged for discrimination against refugees and immigrants.

Iraqi-trained physician Marwan Sweedan and the co-founders of Global Talent Idaho, Tara Wolfson (left) and Lisa Cooper.

Where to turn when migrating to America ruins your career


The US will take in close to 70,000 refugees this year from across the globe. Many are highly educated: doctors, engineers and accountants. A program in Boise, Idaho is helping these refugees find jobs more suited to their backgrounds.

Asmaa Albukaie, Idaho's first Syrian refugee, in her new home.

Idaho’s first Syrian refugee wants Americans to understand their country’s vetting process


The city of Boise, Idaho, is taking in a lot of Syrian refugees: 122 so far this year. Asmaa Albukaie, who arrived in November 2014, was the first.

Officer Dustin Robinson (right) helps an Iraqi refugee shop owner in Boise.

Refugees don’t always trust cops, so Boise has one just to help them


The US will resettle close to 85,000 refugees from across the globe here this year. Many have been ending up in Boise, Idaho. So many in fact, that the city now has a special police officer assigned to that community.