A woman's photo is superimposed on an illustrated image of the Brooklyn Bridge

Author Mira Jacobs reflects on raising a brown boy in America today

Mira Jacob’s new book, “Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversation,” explores the themes of interracial marriages, racism, and raising a brown child.

Supporters cheer at a Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore campaign rally in Midland City, Alabama.

Alabama’s deep racial divisions increasingly plague the rest of America

White nationalists carry torches on the grounds of the University of Virginia, on the eve of a planned Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, US August 11, 2017. Picture taken August 11, 2017.

How often have you dealt with racism? Her friends’ answers surprised her.

Author Scaachi Koul was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and is a culture writer at BuzzFeed.

White privilege in brown Canada

The host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah's new memoir is called Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood.

Trevor Noah gets personal

Thu MacKenzie and Madison Bau are freshmen at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

Racist taunts tested their friendship, but this Clinton supporter and her Trump-backer pal are in it for the long haul

These Wisconsin college buddies don’t see eye to eye on presidential politics. And that never seemed to get in the way until a Trump rally on their campus last week ratcheted up tensions.

Negin Farsad's new book is called "How To Make White People Laugh."

This Iranian American comic is facing down some of her toughest critics: Fellow Muslims

“We actually never think of Muslims as funny and … I’m trying to just subtly change that.”

Dylann Roof at his bond hearing

America has no monopoly on racism, it’s just ‘more lethal’

After the Charleston shootings, gun control remains the “gigantic elephant in the room,” says journalist Gary Younge. FBI data show that African Americans are targeted 16 times more often than whites for hate crimes.

People protest against the killing of a homeless man by police outside LAPD headquarters on March 3, 2015.

The Justice Department wades into the fight against police discrimination

The killing of a homeless man by Los Angeles police added yet another incident to the list of high-profile police killings that have rocked the US over the last year. Now the Justice Department is issuing reports and recommendations on police bias, hoping to help repair relations between officers and citizens.

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Are African immigrants African American?

An upcoming documentary sheds light on the identities of African immigrants and African Americans — and the tensions between them.