Web Exclusive: Claude Chabrol

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We also had the privilege to hear from the legendary director Claude Chabrol, a founder of the French New Wave. Mr. Chabrol shared his feelings of respect, and of wariness, for American culture. Audio coming soon.

A New National Anthem

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Does the South Even Need Its Own Flag?

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A carnival model of Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 2009.

‘Why are Americans so fat?’ And other questions Russians have about us.

Burmese refugees Thailand

The biggest group of current refugees in the US? Christians from Myanmar.


The African American String Music Tradition

There’s been a lot of speculation about the chain of musical events that link the blues back to Africa. Most of that chain is unrecorded and shrouded in mystery. But there is one chapter, just before the blues, that we … Read more »

First Days

What’s the story of your first days in America?

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Some immigrants spent their first nights at the YMCA. Others saw snow for the first time. Some people didn’t mean to end up here at all. What do you — or your parents or grandparents — remember about your first days in the US? Submit your story to the South Asian American Digital Archive’s First Days Project.

American archetypes

Global Politics

The First Globals, the Nike Generation, the Woodstockers and the Privates — America’s generational distinctions, and tensions.

Poverty and the Social Safety Net

Perhaps it was just a poor choice of words on Mitt Romney’s part. Flush with victory after his win in the Florida primary, Mitt Romney appeared on CNN yesterday morning and said this: “I’m in this race because I care about Americans. I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. […]

Our Fisheries Today

A day at the New England Aquarium with one of the ocean’s most dedicated advocates.