Crimean Tatar singer Susana Jamaladinova, known as Jamala, performs during the Ukrainian national qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest outside Kiev, Ukraine, February 21, 2016.

Ukraine’s Eurovision 2016 entry is about Stalin’s repression, and Russia isn’t thrilled


Crimea in 2016 looks eerily like Crimea in 1944 for many Crimean Tatars.

Survivors attend a ceremony on the site of the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. Tuesday marked the 70th anniversary of the Nazi camp's liberation by Allied soldiers.

Why I want to remind you of the Holocaust

Early Ukrainian diplomacy. The Zaporozhian Cossacks reply to the Sultan of Turkey, by 19th century Russian artist, Ilya Repin. Ukraine has always been vulnerable to more powerful neighbors.

Ukraine’s identity crisis is nothing new

Global Politics

Documentary film ‘The Other Chelsea’ depicts Ukraine’s poor, corrupt side

Outside Russia’s cities, support for Putin is prevalent, but reserved

Global Politics

War, religious-themed restaurants in Ukraine spark controversy

Yurko Nazaruk opened a restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine that is designed to look like the sort of underground bunkers used by insurgents during World War II. It was so successful he opened one that’s themed after the country’s Jewish community, all but wiped out during the war, Lviv-born writer Leopold van Sacher Masoch, who lent his name to masochism. But not everyone is pleased.

California-based Cold War museum tries to preserve reminders of bygone era

For 50-some years, the Cold War dominated life in Russia, Europe and the United State. In the nearly two decades since it ended, though, the physical manifestations of those decades are rapidly disappearing. A museum in California is hoping to hang on to the past and make it real for the future.

Islamic creationism

Creationists in Turkey are on a mission to defend their Islamic faith against Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The power of art as propaganda

Arts, Culture & Media

In “Iron Fists: Branding the 20th-Century Totalitarian State,” Steven Heller describes how famous tyrannies used architecture and design for propaganda and control.

In Russia, Raids on NGOs Deemed ‘Foreign Agents’ Continue

Conflict & Justice

Natalia Antonova is acting editor-in-chief of The Moscow News.She says the government has been conducting a series of raids against several NGOs. One of them, Memorial, researches the dark past of the Soviet Union.