Rahul Gandhi

Striped red-and-white flags adorn a sacred grove in a quiet neighborhood in Ranchi in India. The ubiquitous flags are an assertion of tribal identity.

Adherents of Sarnaism try to preserve their identity and culture by pushing for more recognition of their faith in India

Sacred Nation

India is home to millions of Indigenous people consisting of hundreds of tribes. Now, the followers of Sarnaism want official recognition of their religion by the state.

man at podium outside in the snow

India’s Rahul Gandhi supporters finish 5-month rally and march against increasingly nationalist state

Three men are shown standing and wearing protective face masks with several funeral pyres flaming in the distance.

Pressure rises for India lockdown; surge breaks record again

Zahir Janmohamed in the Juhapura neighborhood of Ahmedabad.

Narendra Modi’s ‘coronation’ is no slam dunk in India’s elections

Global Politics
Varanasi, India, at dawn.

Many in India worry that hundreds of millions of voters will be wrong, when they vote for Modi

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