In Praise of Good Men

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On December 3, the United Nations named Stevie Wonder a Messenger of Peace. ‘We all know Stevie Wonder is a musical genius whose songs have given pleasure and hope to millions of people around the world,” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated.”He is also a great humanitarian who has campaigned against apartheid, for children in need […]

A general view shows part of Jerusalem's Old City and the Dome of the Rock.

Why moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is so controversial

FARC rebels pose with an unidentified girl holding a weapon in southern Colombia in this undated photo confiscated by the Colombian police and released to the media on November 12, 2009. Police said that the photo was found on the body of a rebel FARC kil

She misses being a guerrilla, but this former FARC fighter is starting a new life back home

Anya Cardenas (l) Monica Lozano (right)

Colombian women struggle after ‘no’ vote against peace accord

Police examine a bombed-out office in Bogota's financial district

Two bombings in Bogota draw attention to renewed violence in Colombia


What is the Chavismo Ideology Without Chavez?

Conflict & Justice

Without Hugo Chavez can “chavismo” survive? This was the question that anchor, Marco Werman posed to Moises Naim, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Miguel Tinker-Salas a professor of Latin American History at Pomona College.

Women’s Rights in Libya One Year After the Revolution

After Ben-Ali fled Tunisia, and Mubarak ran from Egypt, the Libyan revolution began in Benghazi and then traveled east, to Tripoli. After an intense civil war bolstered by international support, Moammar  Gadhafi’s 40-year reign finally ended last October in his hometown of Sirte.  As Libyans celebrate the anniversary of their revolution, the state of their government is […]