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General Motors goes public (again)

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Today ‘Government Motors’ gets to be General Motors again, when the company announces its initial public offering. But is it the right time to go public? We speak with Paul Eisenstein, publisher of The Detroit Bureau, which covers the auto industry.

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Auto industry ‘charged’ to go electric

Hyundai's i30 Tourer - where's the cigarette lighter jack?

Hyundai looks to put an unceremonious end to in-car cigarette lighter jacks


What Kinds of Cars Are Popular in China?

Cities Where Hyundai Cars Are Made

GM and UAW reach new agreement

General Motors and the United Auto Workers union have released the details of their tentative new four year agreement, which was reached on Tuesday. The deal will close the salary gap between workers in the two-tier wage system that is in place at GM and the two other Detroit automakers. Paul Eisenstein, publisher of The […]

The Science Fiction Future of Fuel Efficient Cars

Later today, President Obama plans to announce a major agreement between the White House and the nation’s top automakers. By 2025, cars sold domestically will have to drive  54.5 miles to the gallon. The president hopes this move will dramatically decrease the country’s need for foreign oil,   but this agreement   may also dramatically change the face […]

Toyota Suspends US Production for One Week

Toyota announced that it would suspend U.S. production for one week beginning today. The car maker’s decision in part due to problems with the Toyota supply chain, which was disrupted by March’s Sendai earthquake. However, it is unclear exactly what is causing the shutdown. To get to the bottom of the announcement, is Paul Eisenstein,  publisher […]

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Will Shanghai’s Auto Show Eclipse New York’s?

The Chinese auto show and the American auto show overlap this year, and they are certainly competing over the industry spotlight. Paul Eisenstein, publisher of The Detroit, is at the New York show this week.

Hybrid Car Roll-out

Leading car manufacturers announced a flurry of new fuel-efficient vehicles recently at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Among these were a handful of SUV hybrids. Host Steve Curwood talks with Paul Eisenstein, publisher of, about how these new models will play in the showroom.