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Carla Bruni: Little French Singer

Arts, Culture & Media

A decade ago, the former supermodel Carla Bruni released her debut album, surprising people who’d been more than a little skeptical of her as a musician.

U.S. Embassy in France makes outreach to minority communities a top priority

Global Politics

VIDEO: Foreign markets shift as world reacts to Francois Hollande’s victory in French election

Global Politics

Sarkozy first French incumbent president to lose in first round of elections

Global Politics

VIDEO: France reeling after four killed in attack on Jewish school

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26 of 27 European Union countries indicate interest in tighter economic ties

Only the United Kingdom, one of 10 EU countries not using the euro, indicated it could not support efforts to enshrine new protocols for monitoring country’s budgets and enforcing limits on deficits.

Greek government cancels plans for referendum on European Union bailout plan

As the markets teetered and with European leaders telling Greece to take it or leave it — literally — Greece has called off plans for a popular referendum on the European Union bailout plan, agreed to last month.

Ambassador Charles Rivkin and American Diplomacy in Paris Suburbs

The US embassy in France has been reaching out to people in the Muslim immigrant suburbs of Paris. And that’s put some in France on edge.

Shooting at a Jewish School in Toulouse, France

Conflict & Justice

A lone gunman shot and killed a man and three young children at Jewish school in Toulouse, France on Monday. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Richard Prasquier, the president of France’s leading Jewish group.

Top of the Hour: EU Leaders Meet in Brussels, Morning Headlines

European leaders meet in Brussels on Thursday for a two day summit on the continent’s debt crisis. French President Nicholas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are hoping to convince other nations to agree to changes in the European treaty. Meanwhile, ratings agency Standard and Poor’s says the E.U.’s credit rating is on watch.