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A large group of men are shown sitting in a street with cardboard cutouts of President Donald Trump and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lay on the ground in front of them with shoes placed.

Israel and UAE cut diplomatic deal; Despite flooding North Korea refuses aid; Spain tightens coronavirus restrictions

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Israel and the United Arab Emirates look set to establish full normalization of relations. And, despite weeks of heavy rains and flooding that destroyed thousands of homes and buildings and even threatened a nuclear reactor, North Korea has rejected aid from the international community. Also, Spain has decided to shut nightclubs and ban outdoor smoking in an attempt to tamp down a resurgence of cases of the coronavirus in Western Europe.

Tel Aviv City Hall is lit up with the flags of the United Arab Emirates and Israel as the countries announced they would soon be establishing full diplomatic ties, Aug. 13, 2020. 

UAE-Israel normalization: A ‘real breakthrough’ for Arab Gulf state, former ambassador says

A photo of the West Bank.

Former US ambassador: Israel would be ‘making itself an international outlaw’ with West Bank annexation

Islamic Republic of Iran Army T-55s move to front line of Iran-Iraq War.

The US and Iran part IV – hostile relations

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The Foreign Policy Implications of Gadhafi’s Death

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Israel and Hamas agree to prisoner swap

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Martin Indyk, former United States ambassador to Israel and director of foreign policy at the Brookings Institute, talks more about what this deal means for all involved.

Ambassador Martin Indyk on Egypt Opening Gaza’s Border

In a major departure from the policy of the Mubarak regime, Egypt’s official news agency has announced that, as of Saturday, May 28, 2011, the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza will be permanently opened. The border’s periodic openings and closings over the decades have reflected tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Territories –  and […]

Ambassador Scrutinizes Obama-Netanyahu Face-Off

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President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met to discuss peace, but their differences remain stark. Martin Indyk, director of Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institute, joins us to discuss the hurdles to peace in the Middle East.

Should the US Urge Democracy in Saudi Arabia?

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Martin Indyk, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and Director of Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, believes that President Obama needs to renew his relationship with Saudi Arabia — and guide King Abdullah toward a more open government.

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Negotiations leak: Palestinian concessions to Israel

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Thousands of pages of confidential Palestinian records of negotiations with Israel and the U.S. have been published by the Guardian and Al Jazeera. Ian Black and Martin Indyk discuss.