Manmohan Singh

Russian President Vladimir Putin sings "Blueberry Hill" at a fundraiser, 2010

Know your foreign accents? Try picking these global leaders just from the sound of their English

Global Politics

Try to identify five world leaders just from an audio clip of each speaking in English

India trying to get Hindus to move back to contested Kashmir

Lifestyle & Belief

In the island nation of the Maldives, China and India trying to assert themselves

India and Pakistan

Prospective Pakistan Prime Minister Gives Conflicting Views on War on Terror

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The World

Salaries of Heads-of-State Around the World

Global Politics

President Obama’s salary announcement Wednesday got us thinking about what other heads-of-state make around the world. Here’s a few highlights.

Hindus Moving Back to the Kashmir Valley

Arts, Culture & Media

Religious and political violence nearly drove the entire Hindu minority away from the region, but some of those migrants are now returning, thanks to a new program by the Indian government.

China and India Jockey for Influence in the Maldives

Global Politics

India and China are competing for influence in the Maldives, a tiny country of 1,200 islands scattered in the northern Indian Ocean.

Deadly Blast In Delhi

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A bomb in the Indian capital has killed 11 people. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called it a “cowardly act of a terrorist nature”.

Anti-Corruption Protest In India Grows

Conflict & Justice

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calls the hunger strike by anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare “totally misconceived.”