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Lady Gaga at the Globes

When they dissed the future Lady Gaga


Maybe everyone is an underdog at some point. Lady Gaga had a Facebook group named after her when she was a raven-eyed NYU freshman at 18. It told Stefani Germanotta, in myriad ways, that she would never be famous.

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Larry King has left the CNN building

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Why these older Korean men are obsessed with a K-pop girl band

Could social media photos be costing the lives of African rhinos

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Zara Gladman prepares to become Lady Alba

In Scotland’s independence referendum, Lady Alba is voting ‘Naw!’

A Lebanese family watches TV fortune teller Mike Feghaly give his predictions for 2014

People in Lebanon love New Year predictions — the more outlandish the better

Lifestyle & Belief

Predictions are part of TV fare on New Year’s Eve. They may be popular, but they’re neither accurate nor widely believed.

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American Band Bloodhound Gang Sparks Outrage in Russia

Global Politics

Late last month American rocker “Evil” Jared Hasselhoff of the band Bloodhound Gang pulled a stunt that caused an uproar in the Ukraine and Russia. The World’s Nina Porzucki reports.

In Chile, a cemetery that unites the living and the dead

Global Politics

The general cemetery in Santiago, Chile, is a place where families come together. In life, and in death, sports teams, families and all manner of people choose to live the after-life together. The living regularly tend their graves and visit their departed family members.

Super Bowl 2012 halftime show presents Madonna opportunity to reconnect

Arts, Culture & Media

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show will be Madonna’s first ever — but she’s a singer known by probably all ages of NFL fans. With a new album forthcoming, a new movie out this week and younger rivals challenging her pop stardom, this could be Madonna’s chance to restate her relevance.

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Chilean Cemetery’s Party-Like Atmosphere

Arts, Culture & Media

What if the Red Sox decided to fork out for a group crypt or Lady Gaga got to build her own grave the size of a small pyramid guarded by two huge sphinxes? In the General Cemetery of Santiago, Chile, such things are possible, as Olivia Crellin reports.