John Muir

gray and white smokestacks billow

Green groups grapple with a history of racism and exclusion

Conflict & Justice

The environmental movement in America has deep ties to the nation’s history of systemic racism and white supremacy. Now, as Americans confront racial injustice anew, powerful green groups like the Sierra Club are beginning to reckon with their own histories of hate and exclusion.

Chance and John Muir

New music brings conservationist John Muir’s story to life

Tie Sing

This backcountry cook you’ve never heard of is a legend at Yosemite National Park


Looming budget cuts imperil National Park system

Global Politics

The Living on Earth Almanac

New Sierra Club Leadership

The former executive director of Rainforest Action Network Michael Brune has used civil disobedience and aggressive negotiation tactics to get companies to do the right thing. Now he’s in charge of the Sierra Club, one of the nation’s oldest environmental