John F. Kennedy

Foto en Blanco y negro del Presidente Kennedy y su esposa rodeados de musicos.

La conquista del voto latino en las elecciones presidenciales: Una historia de larga data

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En su apuesta por la Casa Blanca en 1960, la campaña presidencial de John F. Kennedy atrajo a los latinos, que fueron esencialmente ignorados por otros candidatos. Él fue un visionario al reconocer a los votantes latinos como una fuerza creciente en la política estadounidense.

Musicians sit on a stage in blue lighting

Azoreans long for family abroad with this double-hearted instrument

An elderly white man in front of a white background

Khrushchev’s son recalls Sputnik, Gagarin ascent in US-Soviet space race

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The Apollo 11 Lunar Module is shown in the nearground with the moon's surface below it and Earth shown in the distance.

12 lesser-known facts about the Apollo 11 mission

Jimmy Carter sitting down with several women standing behind him

In 2019, women’s rights are still not explicitly recognized in US Constitution

A detail from the cover of the 1962 comedy album “The First Family”

Making fun of the Kennedys


“The First Family” broke new ground for comedy by openly mocking — and impersonating — a sitting president.

Daniela Mack and Matthew Worth as John and Jackie Kennedy in the new opera “JFK”  (Nine Photography )

This opera explores JFK’s last night alive


The guys who brought you heavy-metal opera “Dog Days” just made an opera about the night before JFK’s assassination

Clyde Foster analyzing data for NASA

How JFK made NASA his secret weapon in the fight for civil rights in America


NASA’s black engineers, mathematicians and technicians didn’t just help American win the space race, they also played a key role in reshaping the American South.

Jeanne-Paule-Marie Deckers aka The Singing Nun

Here’s the music that Americans wanted to hear after JFK’s death

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A simple song, sung in French, was exactly what the nation wanted after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Here is the music and the “Singing Nun” who become a short-lived global star.

What might have happened if Kennedy had lived?

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The Cuban missile crisis had an epilogue that few know — the Kennedy administration was in secret talks with Cuba around a reconciliation. In current news, several women in London have been held in slavery for years, Europe contemplates its own NSA-proof cloud computing facility, and we visit Ford Nation — the Toronto mayor’s fans who insist they’ll vote for him again. All that and more, in today’s Global Scan.