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Things That Go Boom: Is America’s foreign policy for sale?


Think tanks with nonprofit status aren’t required to say much of anything when it comes to the source of their funding — whether it be billionaires or foreign governments. That can become a problem when such organizations significantly influence foreign policy — such as the Iran nuclear deal — without disclosing to whom they are financially beholden.

Veterans campaign for clean energy

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Drill Alaska, Drill Now, Pay Less

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Palin preps for prime time

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Red meat at the RNC

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GOP tries to get down to business

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The RNC gets back on track and the focus is on John McCain and his controversial VP pick, Sarah Palin.

Climate legislation

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‘Living on Earth’ reports on the global warming bill and its steep climb up Capitol Hill.

Gridlock for climate bill

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A historic bill to cut the country’s greenhouse gases falls victim to a filibuster — ‘Living on Earth’ reports.

Lawmakers Question Pakistan’s Role in Bin Laden’s Protection

For nearly a decade, Osama bin Laden has been believed to be hiding out along the Pakistani-Afghan border. But the 9-11 mastermind was found and targeted just an hour north of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, in a large compound in the city of Abbottabad. Is it possible that the Pakistani government was unaware that […]

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Japan’s nuclear crisis and Europe

Conflict & Justice

The World’s Clark Boyd reports that Japan’s troubles with its quake-damaged nuclear reactors are prompting European leaders to reassess the safety of their own reactors, and Europe’s reliance on nuclear energy in the future.