Jeff Sessions

an aerial view of a tent camp for detained migrant children in the US

Family separation under ‘zero-tolerance’ policy could leave lasting trauma in children, pediatric doctor says


It has become a hot-button topic in American politics. But beyond the numbers of children being separated from their parents at the border are very real, long-term effects from toxic stress, one expert says.

A woman dresses a girl at a shelter, surrounded by luggage and clothes

Immigration judges say Sessions’ decision makes it harder for people facing ‘life and death’ to win asylum in US

Young girl walking on lawn, holding teddy bears

For this mother and daughter, separated a year ago at the southern border, Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy isn’t new

Merkley in Texas

Oregon senator is denied access to a migrant children’s center in Texas

Man at microphone speaking with hands up

It’s Trump versus California, but immigrants and employers already feel the fallout

President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, April 27, 2017.

Trump says he never would have appointed Sessions if he had known he would recuse himself over Russia

Global Politics

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he never would have hired Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he had known the top law official would recuse himself from a probe into Russia’s alleged election meddling.

Master Grower Ryan Douglas waters marijuana plants in a growing room at Tweed Marijuana Inc. in Smith's Falls, Ontario.

Is marijuana a secret weapon against the opioid epidemic?


Studies suggest that in states with medical marijuana programs, there are fewer opioid overdose-related deaths.

Marijuana displayed at a store

President Trump, will you be cracking down on the billion-dollar marijuana industry?

Global Politics

You can legally light up a joint in seven states and Canada may soon legalize as well? The marijuana industry is making a lot of money, but recent comments by Trump administration officials have some in the US marijuana industry wondering if their whole business could come crashing down.

Sessions sworn in attorney general

Trump declares ‘new era of justice,’ swears in attorney general


Trump has been able to demonstrate a steady level of support from Republicans in Congress, who have almost unanimously backed his key administration appointments.

Sessions confirmation

Watch live: Senators to vote on Jeff Sessions for attorney general


Tensions have soared in the few weeks since Trump took office, particularly over the process of confirming his cabinet nominees.