James Comey

President Donald Trump is shown with his mouth closed looking off to his left.

Mueller’s Russia report outlines episodes of possible Trump obstruction

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his inquiry into Russia’s role in the 2016 US election detailed a series of actions by President Donald Trump to impede the probe, raising questions about whether he committed the crime of obstruction of justice.

President Donald Trump greets Director of the FBI James Comey as Director of the Secret Service Joseph Clancy (L), watches at the White House.

Comey says in memos that Trump showed concern about leaks, loyalty, dossier

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is shown walking down a hallway surrounded by staff and police.

Trump ordered Mueller’s firing, then backed off

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President Donald Trump looks to his right while walking up the stairs to Air Force One with two Air Force officials soluting in the foreground.

Trump denies asking FBI to drop Flynn probe as obstruction questions loom

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a live nationwide broadcasted call-in in Moscow, Russia, June 15.

Putin offers James Comey asylum

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Comey walks through press

What you missed while Washington (and the media) were freaking out about the Comey hearings


While Washington and the media are preoccupied with the Comey hearings, what else is going on that we’re not hearing about? Or, ought to be paying closer attention to?

Protesters gather outside the White House.

The Comey hearing isn’t making waves in Russia

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Russians think “this is all nonsense coming out of Washington.”

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner allegedly asked for a secret communications line with Russia

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Reports suggest the White House is reeling from the latest explosive developments.

Microphones remain at the ready as night falls on the entrance of the West Wing

Another explosive report says Trump asked Comey to drop inquiry into Flynn’s Russia ties

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The Trump administration immediately denied the report, which the New York Times sourced to an internal memo shared by a Comey associate.


Comey’s firing plunges Trump presidency into turmoil


Trump’s shock dismissal of James Comey — the man overseeing federal investigations into suspected Kremlin interference in the 2016 vote — has sparked a political firestorm in Washington and plunged his young presidency in turmoil.