Demonstrators hold placards during a Planned Parenthood rally outside the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, April 5, 2017.

President Trump, what do you think is the benefit of defunding Planned Parenthood?


President Donald Trump has made defunding Planned Parenthood a goal for his administration. We’re wondering what he’s hoping to accomplish.


50 years later, how Medicare changed America

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act

Supreme Court gives the Affordable Care Act a major victory

Global Politics
Hospital OR

One surgeon suggests health care decisions in America are too often dictated by money


Liberia doesn’t have many doctors, and it’s battling Ebola with minimal supplies


Hypertension in the Developing World: The View from Cambodia

Health & Medicine

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for early death around the world. Yet in developing nations, the condition often goes undiagnosed and untreated. Reporter Joanne Silberner traveled to Cambodia to find out why.

North Koreans Substituting Crystal Meth for Medication

Conflict & Justice

North Koreans have been using crystal meth as a substitute for expensive and hard to get medicines. But reporter Jason Strother tells host Marco Werman that the drug is creating a serious addiction problem.

Promoting Brown Rice to Fight Diabetes in Cambodia

Health & Medicine

In Asia, rice is king, and white rice is the norm. But with rates of diabetes soaring, public health advocates want locals to switch to healthier brown rice. Reporter Joanne Silberner discovers it’s nearly impossible.

Atlanta ad campaign uses obese kids to try and shock parents

Health & Medicine

The ads use kids who are overweight describing the problems they face in an effort to get parents to realize their children are overweight. The ads, which were designed in consultation with a local hospital, have caused critics to label them as just another example of fat-shaming.

Syrian Eye Doctor Risks Life To Save Sight

Global Politics

Dr. Aref Rifai, a Syrian-American ophthalmologist based in Pensacola, Florida is one of the few western doctors who has managed to travel regularly inside Syria to perform surgery.