Salem Haji, co-owner of one of the few microbreweries in France, inspects his latest blonde IPA at his brewery Biere de la Plaine in downtown Marseille.

Beer brews up a following in France’s wine country

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This holiday season the French are drinking less wine and more beer than ever. All thanks to a boom in microbrews, or “biere artisanale” as the French call it.

New movie presents new spin on Franklin Roosevelt’s personal life

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Latino Mormons’ history intertwined with Romney family

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In tough economy, London Olympics share common bond with 1948 games

Colin Firth turns a king common in ‘The King’s Speech’

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Tube Transportation: New Technology Designed For Space Travel on Earth

In the classic television show “The Jetsons,” father George brought his kids to school in tiny capsules in the year 2062. Soon, we might be able to travel via capsule, too. Packed commuter trains could very well be replaced with sleek and small capsules traveling through a network of low grade vacuum tubes. It sounds […]

Tracy Letts: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Tracy Letts is one of the most talented people in American theater today. His play August, Osage County, about a southern family thrown into crisis, won the Pulitzer Prize. Letts is also an acclaimed actor starring in the Broadway revival of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Letts plays George, a frustrated history professor […]

Scandals, State Dinners and the Real Story Behind ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’

In 1939, just weeks before England entered World War II, a historic meeting took place between King George VI of England and the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was the first time that a sitting British royal had ever visited the U.S. and the king, fearing the impending threat of Nazi Germany, was eager to […]

Latino Mormons: The LDS Church’s Fastest Growing Group

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has over a million members in Mexico. And as Mexican Mormons move to the US, they bring their faith north with them.

Reflecting on London 1948: The Austerity Olympics

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The last time London hosted the games, in 1948, was a time of austerity in Britain and the games reflected that austerity.