Franklin Delano Roosevelt

President Franklin Roosevelt poses for a photo with other men behind him in a historical image

Opponents of FDR’s New Deal called it a ‘disaster’

FDR’s New Deal transformed America and is credited with helping the US survive the Great Recession. But his political opponents — including incumbent President Herbert Hoover — called it “a disaster.”

Transcript: Interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court justices could face blowback no matter how they decide healthcare case

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Barack Obama’s conflicting priorities

Global Politics

Scandals, State Dinners and the Real Story Behind ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’

The World

As one stimulus package is debated, the legacy of another is demolished

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Tracie Rozhon, freelance reporter for The New York Times joins us for a look at a group that has started a new national movement to save the buildings that lay at the center of the New Deal.