Bobby Jindal

Florida Senator Marco Rubio celebrates his 2010 election win with his mother Oria.

Immigrant bashers among the 6 sons of immigrants running for president

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Donald Trump and Bobby Jindal appear to be running away from their parents’ immigrant roots. However, Marco Rubio’s mom once told him: “They’re human beings just like us, and they came for the same reasons we came.”

The World

Oil cleanup jobs help Gulf for now, but what comes later?


Louisiana student working to get creationism out of state’s classrooms

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Republicans try to use tax label to turn public opinion against Affordable Care Act

Global Politics

One Student’s Quest to Stop the Teaching of Creationism in Louisiana Schools

Top of the Hour: Mississippi Flooding, Morning Headlines

Residents around the Mississippi River are fighting to keep their homes safe from rising waters. Meanwhile, Gov. Bobby Jindal has told Louisiana residents to begin to prepare for flooding there.