Betto Arcos

Systema Solar at BOmm

Young musicians in Colombia talk about the prospects for peace


This Sunday, Colombians will vote on the peace agreement signed by the government and the FARC guerrillas, ending 50 years of war. At the annual music industry festival known as Bogota Music Market, young musicians there were eager to talk about the prospect of peace.

Juan Gabriel

Remembering the king of Latin pop — Mexico’s Juan Gabriel

Street concert in Havana with Silvio Rodriguez on stage

Silvio Rodríguez has been playing secret free concerts in poor Cuban neighborhoods for years

A Parranda with Gabriel García Márquez

The Colombian folk songs that influenced Gabriel García Márquez’s ‘magical realism’

Mateo Kingman

Mateo Kingman makes hip-hop from his roots in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Nicaragua's La Cuneta Son Machín

This Grammy-nominated band from Nicaragua is keeping it in the family


La Cuneta Son Machín is a band from Nicaragua composed of young musicians whose older family members were musical superstars during the Sandinista regime. They didn’t want to sound old, but they wanted to use the same record producer, which has resulted in a Grammy nomination.


Flamenco was the soundtrack in this Armenian family


We have a story of a Flamenco musician in Los Angeles. But he’s not Spanish … he’s Armenian. Vahagni’s family left Armenia in September 1991, just a few weeks before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

An advertisement for "Los Otros Mexicanos" featuring Betto Arcos is plastered on a bus.

A Mexican series finds overlooked stories of immigrants in America — including one from The World


Radio producer Betto Arcos isn’t used to being on the other side of the microphone. But when a Mexican filmmaker chose Arcos to be a subject in a documentary on successful Mexicans in the United States, how could he refuse?

The World

An opera tries to explore and debunk a popular Mexican border myth


Camelia La Texana is a tragic, mythical figure made famous by a smash hit song from the 1970s. But many Mexicans, aided by the media, still believe that Camelia and her story are real. Gabriela Ortiz tried to find out why — by writing an opera.

Los Aguas Aguas hail from Xalapa, the capital of the Mexican state of Veracruz.

How one band from Mexico addresses the violence in its hometown


Betto Arcos is from Xalapa, the capital of the Mexican state of Veracruz. It’s a place where drug-related violence has taken hold. Arcos has the story of a music group from his hometown that’s been transformed by the fear on the streets.