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The Obama administration's plan to clamp down on climate pollution from coal-fired power plants like this one in Wyoming hit a potentially big speed bump at the Supreme Court this week.

A Supreme Court speed bump could signal big trouble for Obama’s signature climate plan


The Obama administration says its plan to require big cuts in climate pollution from power plants is on firm legal ground. But an unexpected procedural ruling by the Supreme Court suggests a key swing justice could cast a vote to scuttle it.

While Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, few countries officially recognize the city's status because of sensitive disputes over who controls it.

A boy’s passport and justices with minimal foreign policy expertise could decide American policy on Jerusalem

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U.S. Supreme Court strikes down key provision of Voting Rights Act

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Justice Kennedy expected to play crucial role in spate of upcoming Supreme Court decisions

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U.S. Supreme Court Justices appear skeptical of Defense of Marriage Act

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U.S. Supreme Court appears cautious of broad gay marriage ruling

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The U.S. Supreme Court heard the first of two cases regarding same-sex marriage on Tuesday. California’s ban known as Proposition 8 came under scrutiny. But one legal scholar says the Court might find a way to avoid issuing a national ruling on the right for same-sex couples to marry.

Chief Justice Roberts joins majority in upholding Obama’s health care law

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President Obama’s health care law has survived one of the most historic Supreme Court battles in decades. The court upheld most of the law’s provisions, including the individual mandate, in a split 5-4 decision that will affect millions of Americans.

U.S. Supreme Court leaves ‘heart and soul’ in Arizona’s immigration law

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The Supreme Court struck down three of four provisions in the controversial Arizona immigration law Monday in a 5-3 decision. But what it left was what Arizona State Rep. John Kavanagh called the law’s “heart and soul.”

Supreme Court Allows Police to Collect DNA Samples After Arrests

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the practice of taking DNA samples from people arrested in felony cases, even if they are not charged. The ruling on Maryland v. King was made in a 5-4 decision.  In the majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote: “Taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrestee’s DNA is, like fingerprinting […]

Legacy and the Supremes: A Psychoanalytic Look at the Court

Every judge claims impartiality, that he or she renders decisions based on the facts in the cast at hand, but Supreme Court justices are in a particular spotlight, both today and in terms of their historical legacy. Justice Anthony Kennedy is the resident swing vote on the Supreme Court, a role he seems to relish.  Rick […]