Anders Kelto

Animal populations plummeting at Nairobi National Park

The growth of Nairobi is choking a big piece of African wilderness, The Nairobi National Park, where thousands of wild migrating animals call home.


Three lessons from my year reporting on a South African high school

Development & Education
The World's Marco Werman makes a call out to our #YourWorld hashtag.

Here are The World newsroom’s favorite stories and conversations of 2013

Arts, Culture & Media

Meet the woman behind a South African high school’s success

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City Hall

Mandela’s death is uniting a racially-divided Cape Town, for now

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Students at COSAT shave each other's heads

School Year: A dress code to keep the ‘gangsters’ away

Development & Education

Boys at COSAT often spend a lot of time on their hair. But what happens when teachers decide their hairstyles are a threat to student safety?

Three seniors perform a song at COSAT.

School Year Blog: Students celebrate Senior Day with musical performances

Development & Education

Two girls sing a cute duet, the choir performs an African song (with dancing), and a trio of boys does some a capella.

COSAT students sing national anthem.

Can you create a national anthem from a mashup? Here’s why South Africa did it

Development & Education

When South Africa ended apartheid and held free elections nearly 20 years ago, it needed a song that would heal the rift created by segregation. Its choice, the country’s new national anthem, is part-hymn, part-march, and all mashup. Instead of rejecting the past, it embraced both parts of it.

School Year Blog: Watch this eighth-grader do math ridiculously fast

School Year Blog: Watch this eighth-grader do ridiculously fast math

Development & Education

Students at COSAT are encouraged to practice mental math on their own and one student has taken that challenge to heart.

School Year Blog: Why South African students are afraid to cut class

School Year Blog: Why South African students are afraid to cut class

Development & Education

Reporter Anders Kelto travels to the mall with some COSAT students during school hours, and is surprised by what he sees.