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A kangeroo hunter at work, using a licensed weapon. Australia's gun culture has changed in recent years.

Why Australians handed in 26,000 guns to the government


The surrendered firearms have included weapons from the 1800s and World War I and II, part of a three-month amnesty allowing Australians to turn in unregistered guns without penalty.

War, peace and guns on campus

I’m a professor in Texas and I’m worried about students who can now carry guns in my class

Police officers guard the front of a center for the disabled, where a mass knife killing took place, in Sagamihara, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, on July 26.

Under strict gun laws, Japan’s mass killers must rely on knives instead

Ole Martin Juul Slyngstadli on Utoya Island five years after the Norway shootings. He says the biggest victory for survivors of the attack like him is that the summer camp remains open and a new crop of kids is arriving next month.

Your answer to mass shootings is to get bigger guns. To me that’s really strange.


Map: Here are countries with the world’s highest murder rates

mass shooting - Ruger AR-15 rifle

Map: All the mass shootings in the US from 1982 to 2016


This interactive map allows you to explore all the incidents of mass shootings in the US dating back to the 1980s.

A Brazilian drug gang member nicknamed Pilintra, 26, poses with guns in Salvador.

In Brazil, where the homicide rate is five times that of the US, a new push to relax gun laws.

Global Politics

In Brazil, where the homicide rate is five times higher than in the United States, politicians are debating a law to make it easier for residents, including convicted criminals, to buy guns. A group of conservative lawmakers wants to allow Brazilians to buy up to nine guns a year.

"Pray for Roseburg"

Did the Oregon shooter kill nine people to get media to splash it all around the world?


Media outlets have named the gunman who carried out the deadly shooting at the community college in Oregon. But the local sheriff has refused to do so saying he doesn’t want to give the shooter the attention he likely craved.