A man stands next to a white board.

Growth of Oakland’s Guatemalan community sparks interest in Mam

In Oakland, Calif., there’s a growing number of Guatemalan migrants and asylum seekers. Some speak an Indigenous language — Mam. One class offered at a community college helps English and Spanish speakers learn the language.

Man sits behind large stack of papers, brown envelopes

When the government wrongly deports people, coming back to the US is almost impossible

Letter from US government in focus, being held up by a man who is out of focus behind it

The government says Border Patrol agents in the Southwest speak Spanish — but many migrants speak Indigenous languages

Girl in room with Mother's Day balloon in front of her face

This mother, already deported, doesn’t know if she’ll ever be reunited with the daughter taken from her at the US border

Young girl walking on lawn, holding teddy bears

For this mother and daughter, separated a year ago at the southern border, Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy isn’t new

Blurry image of woman in pink hodded sweatshirt standing in front of window, with reflection of trees

With smuggling costs skyrocketing, parents balance risk and debt for their children’s future


The cost of smuggling has gone up in the last year — sharply. But, for the safety of their children, parents get references, take out loans and make the best smuggling decision they can.

Close-up of face of man asleep on sofa with infant child next to him, wrapped in blanket

2,800 miles and 26 years later, a new dad looks for his own father in Guatemala


David Lindes searched for his father for four years. He finally found him on Facebook.

Nancy Bailey with some of the Guatemalan kids she helped.

The Californian woman accused of trafficking babies in Guatemala will soon learn her fate


For 20 years, Californian Nancy Bailey ran an adoption home for needy kids. But the government says she was trafficking them. This week, she may go to prison for life

Photo of Nancy Bailey with children from her school

Fairy godmother or child trafficker? An American woman stands trial in Guatemala.


In Guatemala, a controversial child trafficking trial starts for Nancy Bailey.

Bodies and feet of two young people, one pregnant

On the way to the US, children seeking asylum are often put in Mexico’s detention centers


Mexico detains most unaccompanied migrant children in jail-like facilities, even though the country’s laws forbid it.