Scientists study why some of Central Asia’s glaciers are resilient to climate change


Scientists are racing to learn why some glaciers in a remote part of Central Asia’s mountains seem unaffected by climate change. Their efforts are bolstered by new strategies they’re developing to better understand how climate change will impact the world’s water resources.

Kathmandu's air quality is notorious. Now there's an Air Quality Index to measure just how bad.

Nepal’s air pollution threatens humans and glaciers

Bolivia’s dried-out Ajuan Khota dam, a reservoir affected by drought near La Paz, photographed on Nov. 17.

With melting glaciers and mining, Bolivia’s water is running dangerously low

Greenland's Sermilik fjord is choked with huge icebergs from one of the island's biggest glaciers. But climate researchers working in the fjord and on the Helheim glacier are looking for tiny clues in hopes of getting a better handle on how cliamte change

Looking small for big answers in Greenland

Dark rock above the Helheim glacier in southeastern Greenland marks its former level, before a sudden and dramatic retreat of hit many Greenland glaciers a decade ago. Scientists working on the Helheim and the fjord it drains into are looking for clues to

In Greenland, a climate change mystery with clues written in water and stone

A calving glacier off Greenland

A seven-year-old photo captures the thunderous changes in Arctic glacier melt


As the climate warms, glaciers are melting at increasing rates. That can lead to stunning photos of glaciers turning all the way over, which is becoming more and more common.