Drones help identify objects on Laos's historic Plain of Jars

Drones allow access to a historic site in Laos that American bombs made off-limits


“The mysterious plain of jars in Northeastern Laos is still one of the biggest uninvestigated archaeological sites in Southeast Asia.”

Members of the Zone 9 blogging collective in December, 2012

Ethiopia’s Zone 9 bloggers acquitted of terror charges

Photo of an Afghan refugee family leaving the Keleti train station.

Jillian C. York: My recommendations to help refugees

bangla lead

In Bangladesh, an app that lets women speak without fear

Child laborers in the Philippines

These photos of Filipino children working in mines and on sugar plantations will make you cry

Emoya Shantytown1

Well-off tourists can now spend a night in a fake South African slum

For 82 US dollars, you can “experience” poverty in a fake slum in South Africa, the only one in the world “equipped with under-floor heating and wireless Internet access.”

Innocent home videos are becoming Pakistani ‘porn’ on YouTube and destroying lives

Lifestyle & Belief

In a society where women are covered, even small, private acts that express femininity, like girls dancing fully-clothed in the rain, can be seen as sexual. Cell or home videos are being exploited on YouTube as “porn.”

GV Face: Worldwide Media Coverage of Syria

How different is reporting on Syria depending on where you are? And what does that mean for Syrians? We discussed this and more in our second edition of GV Face.

Anti-fascist Musician Stabbed to Death by Neo-nazi in Greece

As news of the murder of a 34-year-old Greek anti-fascist musician by a neonazi supporter spread like wildfire on Twitter, incensed netizens pointed to a political party for responsibility.

How Russians Read McCain’s Pravda Op-Ed on Putin

While Americans were incensed at being lectured by a foreign politician whom many regard as either an idiot or a hypocrite, many Russians, it turns out, reacted no differently.