Several people are shown through the window's of a crowded bus with many wearing blue medical masks.

Delta variant challenges China’s costly lockdown strategy


Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government is fighting the most serious outbreak in the country since last year’s peak in Wuhan. The ruling Communist Party is reviving tactics that shut down China.

A crowd of people are shown standing at the temporary gated entrance where a security official is checking health codes.

Delta variant surge in Wuhan prompts massive city-wide testing

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A masked man in a suit stands in front of a line of people waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Efficiency over privacy: How trust in the Chinese government helped contain the pandemic

Marion Koopmans (R)is shown holding a folded white paper and reaching out to shake the hand of Liang Wannian.

WHO draft report says animals likely source of COVID-19

The British Embassy is shown in the distance through a closed metal gate with a Chinese paramilitary police officer standing guard.

China announces ban on British politicians, organizations

Peter Ben Embarek, of the World Health Organization, is shown wearing a dark suit and tie and holding up a paper with a diagram on it.

WHO team rules out lab leak as origin of the coronavirus

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Top of The World: A team from the WHO said Tuesday that it is extremely unlikely the coronavirus leaked from a Chinese lab and is more likely to have jumped from animals to humans. And, mass protests challenging a military coup that removed the democratically elected government in Myanmar continue to escalate. Also, Colombia will grant nearly 1 million Venezuelan migrants living in the country temporary protected status for 10 years

Wang Fan, 39, runs several bars and restaurants in Wuhan.

One year after lockdown, Wuhan volunteers say the pandemic transformed their lives


The pandemic inspired some Wuhan residents to volunteer and help out. Others sought out a change of scenery after the lockdown lifted. Many still have PTSD, says Wuhan-based restaurateur Wang Fan.

A large group of people from the WHO are shown wearing face masks with a car in the nearground.

WHO team visits Wuhan hospital that had early COVID patients


A World Health Organization team visited a hospital on Friday where China says the first COVID-19 patients were treated more than a year ago as part of the experts’ long-awaited fact-finding mission on the origins of the coronavirus.

Wuhan Prison is a dive bar that holds about 200 people in Wuhan, China.

Wuhan — China’s punk capital — slowly returns to its indie music scene


Long before Wuhan gained its global reputation as ground zero for the coronavirus, the city was a hotbed of punk and indie rock.

A rocket is shown launching with the fire from boosters and smoke shown at the bottom with trees in the distance.

Biden seeks to extend US-Russia arms deal; Controversial tweet from Iran’s supreme leader; Honduras set for permanent abortion ban

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President Joe Biden seeks a five-year extension with Russia on the New START treaty — the only deal left that limits the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals — with just weeks before it expires on Feb. 5.