A man in a football jersey holds a trophy over his head as confetti rains down behind him.

Is Alabama’s football glory helping the university’s international brand?


Alabama’s run of success has brought a lot of national attention to the university. Has it been able to leverage the team’s winning ways into success overseas?

Two Marines Trade in Combat Coffee for the Perfect Cup at Home

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Alabama Residents Rebuild After Tornadoes

Tornadoes and Storms in South Kill 194

Tuscaloosa Tornado Measured as Level F-5

Tornadoes and Storms Across the South Kill Scores

Reports say 194 people across the southern United States are dead after tornadoes and storms ripped across the region–and that number is expected to climb. An estimated mile-wide tornado struck the town of Tuscaloosa, where there’s a University of Alabama campus. Katelyn Ingram is a sophomore there; she talks with us about her experience with […]