A large crowd of people are shown in the streets running with a security officer in black in pursuit.

Tunisia on edge as president suspends parliament, fires PM

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Troops surrounded Tunisia’s parliament and blocked its speaker from entering Monday after the president suspended the legislature and fired the prime minister following nationwide protests over the country’s economic troubles and the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.


Tunisians wonder what their first female mayor will do for women

Women entering politics in Tunisia

Grassroots efforts in Tunisia to advance women’s rights

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Women in Tunisia wary of surge in Islamist power, fearful of losing their rights

A woman places carnations at the scene of a suicide bombing at Istiklal Street, a major shopping and tourist district, in central Istanbul, Turkey.

By the numbers: The terror attacks we paid attention to

People shout slogans at a protest to condemn a suicide bomb attack in Tunis, Tunisia November 25, 2015.

A suicide attack in Tunisia targets presidential guards on a symbolic street


ISIS has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in Tunisia Wednesday that killed at least 12 people and injured dozens of others.

Lawyers at a protest in Tunis against extremism on March 19, 2015, a day after gunmen killed more than 20 people in the Tunisian capital.

‘Tunisians are in shock’ after a massacre in Tunis


Two gunmen killed more than 20 people in Tunisia on Wednesday, shocking the country that many people have called the Arab Spring’s only meaningful success story. And while most of the dead were tourists, a Tunisian journalist says locals are feeling the deaths strongly.

Anouar Brahem CD cover

Famed musician was ‘trying to find something new to compose.’ Then the Arab Spring happened.


It’s taken Anouar Brahem quite a while to write music inspired by the start of the Arab Spring in his homeland, Tunisia. But the oud player didn’t want to sermonize.

Supporters of Beji Caid Essebsi, the Nidaa Tounes party leader and presidential candidate, wave flags and shout slogans during a presidential electoral campaign rally in Tunis on November 15, 2014.

Tunisia looks set to move forward by electing a figure from its past

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One of Tunisia’s presidential candidates is getting an unexpected rock star treatment: 87-year-old Beji Caid Essebsi, a longtime politician who’s built in the mold of Tunisia’s first president and other old-guarders. But some youth believe he’s the only candidate who’s serious about their concerns.

Yamina Jaouani in front of the cab that her daughter helped her buy. She's been driving a taxi in Tunis for nearly 30 years.

This Tunisian woman supports equal rights for women by driving a cab — something she’s done for 30 years


Tunisia’s new constitution explicitly recognizes women’s rights, including the right to drive a cab. But Yamina Jaouani has been a taxi driver in Tunis for nearly 30 years.