College campus with large yellow block letters that spell out C-E-T-Y-S

Hundreds of US students cross the border daily to attend college in Tijuana

Thousands of students in Mexico commute daily to attend school in the U.S. But there are also those who travel each day in the opposite direction. Over the past few years, Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica y Superior (CETYS) in Tijuana has worked hard to appeal to students north of the border. Today, residents in the US make up 10% of the university’s population.

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Threats prompt Tijuana mayor to move to military base


Crossing borders: Living in one country, going to school in another

Jacqueline Flores, left, holds hands with her daughter Nicky at their home in Virginia, July 14, 2021.

Pressure mounts for Biden to end Trump-era Title 42 that shuts out migrants seeking asylum 

Psychologist Sebastián Farías speaks with asylum-seekers inside a migrant encampment on Nov. 6, 2021. 

Migrants restricted from entering the US due to Title 42 see double standard

A young migrant shows off his red "Haiti" cap in Tijuana.

Haitian asylum-seekers face discrimination in Tijuana migrant camp


While much of the focus along the border has been on the arrival of Central Americans seeking asylum, Haitians have also experienced violence, political instability and racism in their journey to border cities like Tijuana.

Nora Vargas is the newly elected vice chair of the powerful San Diego Board of Supervisors.

This Latina landed a seat on the powerful San Diego County Board of Supervisors — a first for her community

Every 30 Seconds

Latinos haven’t historically had representation on the board.

Agrawal family poses in a shopping center in Morelia, Mexico

‘We always FaceTime daddy for presents’: How families celebrate Christmas with their deported spouses


Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are deported from the US each year, and many of them leave behind US citizen spouses and children. Here’s how two families have changed their holiday traditions after the deportations of their husbands and fathers.

Several children are shown playing with a flower-shaped light projection on a wall.

Youngest migrants in Tijuana find a safe space for learning at the ‘Nest’


Thousands of people are stuck at the Mexican border as they wait to apply for asylum in the US. A new informal preschool in Tijuana is prioritizing the needs of the youngest migrants.

Central American migrants stand in line before entering a temporary shelter, after illegally crossing the border between Mexico and the U.S., in Deming, New Mexico, on May 16, 2019.

Supreme Court’s asylum decision is a ‘recipe for chaos,’ experts say


Lawyers in the US and Mexico say the decision to temporarily allow a new Trump administration asylum ban to go into effect could overwhelm Mexico’s asylum system and encourage asylum seekers to take more covert routes into the US.