‘They’ve hidden the past from us’: New bill in Honduras seeks to rectify 1980s human rights violations

Human rights

In Honduras, family members of the victims of state violence in the 1980s have been marching for 40 years to demand justice for the disappearance and death of their loved ones. Now, there’s a chance they may see reparations. An unprecedented bill that would provide compensation for the family members of the victims is working its way through Congress.

Indyra Mendoza is shown wearing a dark shirt and standing in front of a projector showing a news clipping.

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People crowd next to the coffin with a young person in a blue shirt with a tear in their eye, during her funeral, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in July.

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Conflict & Justice

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Hondurans hope election will help economy

Global Politics

Hondurans are to choose a new president. Many of them hope the election will defuse the crisis and get the country back on track. John Otis reports.

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Honduras vote

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President Manuel Zelaya was ousted in a coup five months ago. On Sunday, Hondurans will go to the polls to elect Zelaya’s successor. From Tegucigalpa, John Otis reports.