San Jose

Rising poverty, unemployment, and inflation have plagued Costa Rica. Every few blocks, a person is passed out or sleeping on the street.

‘This is not a peaceful country’: Violence and poverty soar in Costa Rica


Costa Rica sells its image as a “green paradise,” with ample nature reserves and no standing military. But many say this reputation is more myth than reality as violence, poverty and unemployment is on the rise.

woman on bench

Safe and unsilenced: Afghan scholars find refuge at US universities

On Course
Derrick Sanderlin, right, at a Black Lives Matter protest in San Jose, California, last month.

Police reform requires culture change, not just diversity, advocates say

Conflict & Justice
A young woman sits in front of a laptop typing.

One Latina’s journey to college amid admissions scandals and inequities

Global Nation Education
A man holds a boy on his lap.

California governor halts deportations of 2 Cambodian refugees, thwarting Trump administration

Activists dressed up as characters from "The Handmaid's Tale" are shown back lit from a low perspective.

The red cloak of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is becoming a symbol for reproductive rights

Author Margaret Atwood says “everyone seeing these groups of women know what they mean.”

Woman in church holding book and singing

American evangelicals are more diverse than ever. But some don’t want to be part of the ‘evangelical movement.’


Some Christians are distancing themselves from the term “evangelical” even if their beliefs remain unchanged.


Arts, Culture & Media

Some say that orchestras are the canaries in the coal mines for arts funding. Nick Dargahi was playing cello for the San Jose Symphony when it went bankrupt this January. Produced by Trey Kay.

Gijiu Kitazawa (left) started the Kitazawa Seed Company back in 1917. He had to restart the company after his family was sent to a prison camp for Japanese Americans during World War II.

How a Japanese American business survived World War II and tied together two families


A Japanese immigrant named Gijiu Kitazawa started his seed company in 1917 in San Jose, California. A century later, it’s still in business — but it wasn’t always easy.

Rapid response training

US immigration arrests rise — and neighbors sign up to witness ICE operations

Global Politics

Rapid response networks, being replicated in cities across the US, are one neighborhood reaction to President Donald Trump’s push to step up deportations.