Birds fly above Mount Everest against a blue sky

COVID-19 may impact Nepal’s climbing season, but government denies rising cases


Mountaineers say COVID-19 is rapidly spreading on Mount Everest. “We could have a very, very bad tragedy this year,” said Leo Namen, a climber from Canada.

A Buddhist nun with a shaved head takes part in a Kung Fu display

Climate change forced Nepal women into trafficking. Now, ‘Kung Fu’ nuns are cycling the globe for them.

Climate Change
Anita Neupane

Day care and mud guards: How health officials are building a firewall against deadly burns

Saraswoti Shrestha

Unmeasured and unfunded: Lack of data hinders burn prevention and care

Kathmandu's air quality is notorious. Now there's an Air Quality Index to measure just how bad.

Nepal’s air pollution threatens humans and glaciers

Sita Adhikari

Here’s what refugees do while they’re waiting to get into the US


In the midst of arguments over Trump’s suspension of refugee resettlement, some needy people are still getting in.

Trekking the Annapurna route near Jomsom. Trekkers are critical to Nepal's tourism industry, but the travel warnings boost the cost of travel insurance for them.

Nepal says it’s open for business, but tourists are still staying away

Global Politics

Nepal wants the world to know that, in the wake of the earthquake, the country is open for business. But that isn’t exactly true. While, the earthquake damage isn’t so much the problem anymore. It’s the fuel crisis.

The note reads, "You taught me to stay strong. It's your time now to stay strong Nepal."

The best way to help victims of the Nepal earthquake? Raise money and don’t try to travel there


Support your Nepalese neighbors close to home and be creative to raise money if you really want to help, says a Nepalese immigrant leader in New York City.

Dr Andrew Trotter at work at the Tribhuvan University Hospital after the earthquake

How one American doctor is helping Nepal’s earthquake victims


Medical personnel in Nepal are working round-the-clock to help the thousands of people injured in the April 25 earthquake. Among those helping is one young American doctor who was living and working in Kathmandu.

The author's mother celebrates her 93rd birthday in Kenya

This mom let her daughter skip the dishes so she could read Tolstoy


A former New York Times foreign correspondent honors her irrepressible mother, who once ordered a Pakistani commander to keep her youngest daughter safe.