A man wearing jeans and sweater throws a rock near a fire burning outside

When it rains, it wars: Tracking intersecting security threats, Part I

Critical State

Critical State, our foreign policy newsletter, takes a deep dive into new research by political scientist Jana Krause on interactions between post-election violence and sexual violence in Kenya and Nigeria.

Nigerian pastor Esther Ibanga joined with Muslim leaders in the city of Jos to call for the return of Chibok girls who were kidnapped by the extremist group Boko Haram.

‘It’s not about you being a Muslim and me being a Christian,’ says one Nigerian activist

A student who escaped when Boko Haram rebels stormed a school identifies her friends from a video released by the Islamist militants.

An emboldened Boko Haram tells Nigerians — ‘wherever you are, we can reach you’

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The city of Jos

Boko Haram, true or not, is trying to portray itself as the protector of Muslims in Nigeria

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Bombing Attacks in Nigeria

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Ethnic violence strikes Nigeria

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Ethnic violence between Christians and Muslims in the Nigerian city of Jos has left hundreds dead. Both the U.S. government and Human Rights Watch have called for an inquiry into the violence.