Guyana faces risks from climate change that include rising sea levels that could eventually submerge the capital Georgetown.

Guyana’s discovery of oil reserves has the nation split between boosting the economy and preserving the environment


Guyana is hoping that newly discovered offshore crude reserves can help transform the country’s economy and offset its ongoing poverty crisis. But some people are concerned about what this may mean for the environment.

Joe Stewart and Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, both descendants of people sold as slaves by Georgetown University, visit the school on September 1, 2016 in Washington, D.C.

Lessons from South Africa as Georgetown attempts reparations for slavery

Georgetown guy

At Georgetown University, Pope Francis was the big man on campus


Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi’s U.S. visit marked with delicate diplomatic dance

Global Politics

Teen uncovers harsh chemicals left on clothes by dry cleaning

Health & Medicine

Making bread to fight the Taliban

A new program aims to curb terrorism and fight the Taliban by teaching former Taliban fighters to make bread.

Language software business thrives

Sales are up for Rosetta Stone, the language learning software that claims to change the way people learn languages.

Obama’s Climate Plan: Looking Beyond Washington

Conflict & Justice

President Obama’s plan faces strong opposition in Washington, but Joanna Lewis, who teaches science, technology and international affairs at Georgetown, says it’s likely to get a much warmer reception outside the country.

Emergency Preparedness in American Cities Since 9/11

Conflict & Justice

Cities around the world, including in the United States, know something of what Boston’s going through. Indeed, in the decade since September 11th, 2001, city preparedness has come a long way. From New York, The World’s Alex Gallafent reports.

Who Rules the Rules of the EPA?

The EPA chief faces a surprising obstacle from inside the White House itself, at the Office of Management and Budget.