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Political operative Roger Stone is shown in a profile portrait in high contrast.

President Trump ally Roger Stone has been arrested on charges of false statements, witness tampering, obstruction

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Roger Stone, a long-time ally of US President Donald Trump who advised his 2016 presidential campaign, was arrested on Friday and charged with seven counts, according to a grand jury indictment made public by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport seen from the air as a plane is about to land.

Deadly shooting at Ft. Lauderdale international airport

Florida canal overspill

Real estate is booming in south Florida, even as sea level rise becomes a reality

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Spy cruise on the high seas

Feds open investigation into Jet Blue tarmac delay over the weekend (with video)

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Leslie Nielsen dead at 84

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Actor, comedian and all-around funny man Leslie Nielsen died last night from complications of pneumonia at the age of 84 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Nielsen was an expert in deadpan.

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Obama administration: end homelessness within 10 years

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The President announced the first ever national plan to end homelessness on Tuesday at the White House. We’re joined by Rita Clark, policy director for the Miami Coalition for the Homeless and Barbara Bowie, a homeless veteran.