The Museum of the City of New York posted a #MuseumMomentofZen on Twitter: This is Herbert Bolivar Tschudy's work, "The Turtle Tank," from 1920.

5 museums offering virtual art while you’re quarantined

Coronavirus Art

Numerous arts institutions are finding creative ways to display their works while their physical doors are closed.

"Saint Catherine in Prayer," by the 16th century painter Plautilla Nelli, was restored in 2008. Nelli was featured in 2017 as part of the Uffizi's new focus on women artists of the past.

In Florence, they’re bringing the works of women artists out of the basement

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This one music video has started a global wave of happiness

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Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and members of his cabinet pose with President Giorgio Napolitano.

Lawmakers in this European country are considering a ‘pink quota’ to achieve gender parity in politics

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Kerry selfie with Indonesian students

US Secretary of State Kerry stops for a selfie on his climate change tour

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Matteo Renzi looks set to become Italy's new Prime Minister

The Italian government collapses. Again.

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The government of Italy has collapsed. But nobody is hitting the panic button. A new government could be formed in the next couple of days — and voters are unlikely to get a say. Again.

Jobs scarce, more Italians volunteering on organic farms

Italy’s unemployment rate is more than 10 percent, but among the young, it’s vastly worse. Perhaps 35 percent, or worse. So a growing number of young Italians, and a few others who are out-of-work, are turning to the country’s organic farms, where they can learn a skill, and keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.

VIDEO: Belgian gunmen kills 5, wounds more than 100 before killing himself

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In Belgium, police are trying to make sense of an attack that saw a man shoot and kill five people, injure more than 100 and then take his own life during an attack on a busy bus stop near a Christmas market. They don’t believe it’s related to terrorism.

Modern art comes to Italy

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Italy constructs its artistic future with a new modern art museum, the Maxxi, which opens this weekend in Rome.

Toni Morrison

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The Nobel prize-winning author talks about her new book, “A Mercy,” a prequel to “Beloved,” which many say is the single best work of fiction in the last 25 years.