An internally displaced Syrian girl wears a face mask as members of the Syrian Civil defence sanitize the Bab al-Nour internally displaced persons camp, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Azaz, Syria, March 26, 2020. 

Families in limbo as refugee resettlement is suspended due to COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced refugee resettlement worldwide to grind to a halt, dividing families and stranding them thousands of miles from each other.

A preacher stands at the front of a mostly full church

A tale of two sanctuary churches: Congregants in Ohio and the Netherlands find ‘instant connection’

Nunes, phone

How a community in Ohio is stepping up when deportations split families

Somali Americans recently gathered at a banquet hall in Columbus, Ohio, to celebrate Somalia’s new president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

Why some Somali Americans are cheering for their home country’s new president

Global Politics

How one photographer captures changing immigrant families


Want to find some rising stars of immigrant communities? Head to Georgia and ask a woman

Conflict & Justice

Georgia’s Latino immigrant community is growing, both in size and influence. In many cases, the community is looking to Latino women to lead its efforts.

Study find certain U.S. regions can keep poor people poor

Geography, it turns out, is a key determiner in whether low-income children can improve their socio-economic status by the time they become adults. That’s a key finding of a new research report from researchers at Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley.

In New Mexico, students cross the border to get American education

Global Politics

Some 400 Palomas, Mexico, residents cross the border into New Mexico every day to go to school. These kids, all American citizens, are choosing to get an education in the U.S., rather than Mexico. But the border crossing comes with a price.

‘The Heavy’ one more in a long list of British bands to take American culture as their own

Arts, Culture & Media

You might recognize The Heavy by name, but you almost certainly recognize their music. Take their hit song ‘How You Like Me Now,’ which has been featured in Super Bowl ads, on TV and in Obama campaign appearances. But as all-American as those things are, the band is distinctly British — the latest Brit group to build on American Southern music.

Final Four set for Saturday with four heavyweights ready to take the floor

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On Friday, coaches and players from the four NCAA men’s basketball teams practices before the public and took questions from the media. On Saturday, it’s time to bring the Final Four experience on the road, with the Kansas Jayhawks taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Kentucky Wildcats set to take on the Louisville Cardinals.