The Takeaway

DIY Justice: Should teachers be armed?

June 26, 2017: Should teachers carry guns? One county in Colorado is training school staff members on a controversial method to prepare for an active shooter scenario. Today, The Takeaway talks to the founder of the program, and we examine the U.S.-India relationship, we explore why some veterans are being deported, we look at the inhumane conditions facing some immigrant detainees, and we chat with Virginia Grohl, the mother of Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. 

Trump press conference covered on Japanese TV
America Abroad

US Asia policy under Trump: A Honolulu-Tokyo town hall

President Trump’s declarations on Asia have caused much uncertainty in the region. To better understand the hopes, fears, and concerns on both sides of the Pacific, America Abroad convened a bi-national town hall bringing together audiences and experts in both Honolulu and Tokyo.

The Takeaway

Today’s Takeaways: Fighting the Heroin Epidemic, Searching for a Golden Gun, Struggling for an Inclusive Islam

February 09, 2016: 1. As Campaigns Leave New Hampshire, The Heroin Epidemic Remains | 2. The Hunt for Qaddafi’s Golden Gun | 4. Taiwan Looks to the Future Amid Earthquake Recovery | 5. Muslim Reform Movement Struggles for The ‘Soul’ of Islam